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Vietnam war plastic models

Airfix 1/72 scale Douglas A-26 Invader

Airfix 1/72 scale Douglas A-26 Invader

The Douglas A-26 Invader was a light bomber first used in World War 2, for which the Airfix 1/72 scale kit includes markings as well as for its use in Korea.

I modified the kit as best I could to look like the ‘remanufactured’ ones used in Vietnam, but I never got round to adding wing-tip fuel tanks. (I squared off the propellers at least.)

I took this photo in 1994 with a film camera.

35th Scale Huey

Charlie don’t surf

I am fairly sure this 1/35 scale Huey is the Academy kit.

1/35 scale UH-1B

1/35 scale UH-1B

Photo of 1/32nd scale figures of US Army soldiers in Vietnam

“I love the smell of napalm—in the morning.”

The four soldiers (by Dragon, if I recall right) constitute a real kit build; every frag and smoke grenade, canteen, insect repellant bottle, arms, legs, head, helmet/hat, is a separate part that must be glued in place and painted.

They are supposed to be 1/35th scale, like the Huey, but they are too large.

Photo of 1/35th scale Huey

One day this war is gonna end…

The UH-1 was originally designated HU-1, hence ‘Huey’.

1/35 scale UH-1


The standing crewman, unlike the other soldiers, is the correct scale.

Model soldiers and real spider

Starship Troopers

“Bug! Bug! Bug!”

And here is a guest appearance of Gary D’s huge radio controlled Huey flying at Roly’s place. Photos by Roly (who started hang gliding, like me, in 1974):

Circling the LZ

Circling the LZ

I cropped the photos, altered the colours, and added some graininess so they look more like they were taken with a film camera in the 1960s.

Nearly down

Nearly down

Smoke in the LZ

Smoke in the LZ

1/48 scale F-8


Photo of a 48th scale F-8

Last of the gunfighters

The single seat and single engine F-8 Crusader was known as the last of the gunfighters because its successor, the two seat and twin engine F-4 Phantom, was initially a missiles-only interceptor.

Photo of two F-8 jet fighters about to launch from an aircraft carrier

Official Navy photo of two F-8 jet fighters about to launch from an aircraft carrier

A bizarre feature of the F-8, not evident in my 1/48th scale model, was the way the wing tilted upwards (with the aid of a small piston jack) for takeoff and landing. I used that feature as an animation in my 1992 computer-based training program Aerodynamics & Propulsion in an attempt to test the user’s understanding of the relationship between lift and angle of attack. (Flogging dead horses is another of my hobbies…)

Photo of a 1/72nd scale Lockheed U-2

\”All out, all out, all out!\”

The Lockheed U-2 is basically a sailplane with a jet engine from an F-104 Starfighter. This is the 1/72nd scale Airfix kit, which apparently is the same as the Italeri kit. The figures (which do not come with the kit) are each one inch tall.

Photo of a 1/72nd scale OV-1 Mohawk

1/72nd scale OV-1 Mohawk

The Mohawk was a weird airplane in a weird war.

Photo of a 1/48th scale F-4

The inevitable F-4 Phantom

The F-4, initially developed as a navy interceptor, was so good it was also used by the US Air Force and the Marines as well as by the air forces many other countries including Britain. This 1/48th scale model is one of my best.

48th scale Hasegawa F-4C

This F-4C of the 58th TFTW is the 48th scale Hasegawa kit.

Unlike the Navy model, on this one the canopy is a poor fit. (Why are they different? Everything else is the same!) I will get round to making it better some time.

48th scale Hasegawa  F-4C

F-4C of the 58th TFTW

In this photo I Shopped out the hanging lines as best I could.

48th scale F-4 undersides

48th scale F-4 undersides

Here are the undersides of both models.

1/72 scale F-4

1/72 scale F-4

This is a 1/72 scale F-4 I bought in 1995, when my mother was still alive (I mentioned it to her) but she died before I completed it. Here it is at the back of my office/studio in February 2016. It is 9.5 inches long.

Photo of a 1/72nd scale Piasecki H-21

The Piasecki H-21 ‘flying banana’ in 1/72nd scale

The H-21 was soon replaced by the jet-engined UH-1.

1/72 scale Bell H-13

Bell H-13

This 1/72 scale Bell H-13 is a small model.

1/72 scale Martin B-57 Canberra

Martin B-57 Canberra

In contrast, this Airfix 1/72 scale Martin B-57 Canberra is fairly large. Originally a British design, the B-57 light bomber was used in Vietnam by the US Air Force and by the Royal Australian Air Force.

Mixed media image of a Lockheed SR-71 in flight

Mixed media image of a Lockheed SR-71 in flight

One of my internet friends combined a photo of my Revell 1/72nd scale SR-71 with this backdrop, putting it on the edge of space. Feel the heat from those exhausts!

Photo of a 1/72nd scale CH-54 Tarhe

CH-54 Tarhe (\’skycrane\’) in 1/72nd scale

I am almost certain this was a Revell kit.

72nd scale Skycrane

The original Thunderbird 2

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