Moose Jaw Hawk

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Moose Jaw Hawk

Airfix 1/48th scale BAe Hawk 100 built and painted by Everard Cunion from 2019 to April 2020

The kit comes with decals and different parts for four variants. I built this example as belonging to No. 15 Wing, Nato Flying Training Centre, RCAF Moose Jaw, Canada, in 2003.

Airfix 1/48 scale BAe Hawk

Taking off on a training mission from Moose Jaw field

As is often the case with kits I build, this one went for months between bouts of progress. I do not recall any difficulties apart from, right at the end, to get the canopy to seat correctly, I had to cut down the top of the rear ejector seat by a millimetre.

It is brush painted in acrylics.

Airfix 1/48 scale BAe Hawk

Low level hell

The decals (transfers) seem to me a bit thick, yet the white is too translucent. I painted gloss white discs where the roundels go before applying those decals, negating that deficiency there, but the others are as is. The horizontal red Vs on the outside of the air intakes are not long enough, so I extended them with paint. The result is a bit ragged. (Some of the ‘No step’ symbols at the wing trailing edges are not very well positioned either.)

Airfix 1/48 scale BAe Hawk next to rule

Ten inches (25 cm) long and eight inch (19 cm) span

It comes with both crew, although I used a different one for the instructor in the rear seat for variety. He is reaching forward with one hand to adjust something.

I thought it was finished, but after taking the photos I realized I have yet to paint the nose probe silver.

Airfix 1/48 scale BAe Hawk

“And if I say ‘Eject!’ and you say ‘What?’, you’ll be talking to yourself.”

The only deviations I made from the instructions were adding the back seater’s hand rails (stretched sprue) on the inside of the canopy and omitting the transparent pane between front and rear cockpits.

Airfix 1/48 scale BAe Hawk

Canada, eh.

Nose probe painted and top anti-collision light added…

Airfix 1/48 scale BAe Hawk 100

Hangig in the hall

Airfix 1/48 scale BAe Hawk 100

F-16XL Angel Interceptor versus Hawk 100


Falcon excel: Skunk Models Workshop 1/48th scale General Dynamics F-16XL in markings based on those of the Falcon interceptors in Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet (2005)