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This page is part of my review of the 2011 Zack Snyder movie Sucker Punch

Early in Sucker Punch, police in old style octagonal hats and wielding flashlights close in on one young woman. It is a scene similar to one in The Matrix (1999). Unfortunately for Babydoll, she does not have the defensive capabilities of Trinity. Sucker Punch resembles The Matrix in its style and it acknowledges the fact with similar background music early in the film. Both films clearly inherit much from the Alice stories. Choose between the red pill and the green pill. One pill makes you larger. One pill makes you small. Follow the white rabbit…


Sucker Matrix

There is a scene in the World War 2 movie Saving Private Ryan (1998) in which a standoff between German and American soldiers is resolved by a hitherto unnoticed group of Americans on a balcony. They fire down on the Germans and kill them all with no American casualties suffered. The scene is repeated in Sucker Punch, although the standoff is between one American girl and a group of German soldiers, while the balcony is the top of the white rabbit, on which the other girls are perched.

At some risk of giving away an element of the plot, the dress sense of one of the girls resembles that of a certain female warrior who also fought in France some centuries previously.

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