War to end all wars part 1

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War to end all wars part 1

This page contains mostly photos that also appear on other pages, but it also contains some unique to this page.

The planet Teagarden B orbits an M-type red dwarf star about 12.5 light-years from Earth.

Laura 4woods reading by the light from a window

Window light for Laura

Eons ago the Teagarden star ceased to emit significant levels of the gamma radiation on which genetic mutation depends.

Annabelle and Anoushka

Annabelle and Anoushka

Therefore, evolution ceased, as did the advance of technology. As a result, for millennia, its human society — the planet is populated solely by woman — never changed.

Life-size doll playing a violin

Laura and June

Louise Realdoll


Anoushka and June life size dolls taken with a 35 mm film camera

Anoushka and June taken with a film camera

The only disputes these women had ever known were about such things as who was wearing the most fashionable hat that week.

Rebecca Realdoll in July 2005

“Will we ever come here again?”

Laura and and Rebecca life size dolls

Laura and Rebecca, life-long friends across oceans and lands

Then, for reasons lost to history, a war broke out that encompassed all inhabited regions of Teagarden B. A war to end all wars.

Rebecca and Caroline Realdolls in vintage Photoshopped image

Rebecca and Caroline

Laura 4woods life size doll as World War 2 internee

Laura interned as an enemy alien

Caroline Realdoll in WRNS uniform in 2006

Caroline of the WRNS

Meotzi life size doll waiting at Stepford-on-Sea railway station


Meotzi was sent away to be safe from enemy bombing and to ‘learn a trade’ at Camp Labor via Joy.

Meotzi life size doll waiting at Stepford-on-Sea railway station


Rebecca Realdoll at the controls of a Piper Warrior


Rebecca is sent to a cold land to liaise with allies.

Rebecca Realdoll wearing fur hat and scarf in 2001


Caroline and Rebecca Realdolls

Caroline at home with Rebecca, Sindy the doll, and Discus the cat

Anoushka and her big white cat

Anoushka and her big white cat

It wasn’t a very bright light, but you could see pretty well. There’s a white cat asleep on the seat of a chair, and sitting beside the table under the lamp is a woman about fifty, I should say, and she is sewing on something.

— Novelist and war correspondent John Steinbeck, purportedly quoting a U.S. Army sergeant telling of a ghostly experience when walking back to his base in England after dark, in The Cottage That Wasn’t There, 1943

For the other cat I bought at the same time as Anoushka’s cat, see Cynthia.

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