War to end all wars part 2

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War to end all wars part 2

This page continues from War to end all wars part 1. It contains mostly photos that also appear on other pages, but it also contains some unique to this page.

Raisa Anatomical Doll in a black dress and carrying an AK-47


Anoushka Anatomical Doll in uniform on Xmas day, 2014

Anoushka says the spacing between the trees is to facilitate the movement of T-34 tanks and other fighting vehicles.

And Charlie ain’t no Nazi
She likes to wear her leather boots
‘Cause it’s exciting for the veterans
And it’s a tonic for the troops.

— From the lyrics of She’s So Modern by the Boomtown Rats, 1978

'Younger Anoushka' Anatomical Doll


Louise, Rhianna, and marine guard photobombing

Louise and Rihanna (and marine guard photobombing)

Life size dolls in World War 2 scene

Rihanna and Louise plan the invasion

Life size dolls undergoing Anti aircraft gunnery training

Anti aircraft gunnery training for Rebecca, Caroline, Virginia, and Joanna

Lina Realdoll dressed up to resemble Amber in the 2011 musical action fantasy Sucker Punch

“They couldn’t hit the side of a barn.” (Lina)

Caroline Realdoll as a Piccadilly commando in 2012

Piccadilly commando Caroline

Caroline Realdoll in WRNS uniform in 2006

“They dropped what kind of bomb?”

The war ended, but the inhabitants of Teagarden B had suffered irreparable damage. They would never again live as they had done before.

Caroline Realdoll in WRNS uniform, 2010

Requiem for a Wren

“I think he was frightfully good as a doctor or psychologist or something because he didn’t do anything at all. He made me sit down in a chair and got a couple of cups of tea from the wardroom and gave me a cigarette and started talking about himself.”

(Ah, I guess that would be a male doctor visiting from a nearby planet, Teagarden B being populated only by women…)

Rebecca Realdoll sitting in an English kitchen in 2003

Rebecca contemplates an uncertain future

Laura was made by 4woods of Japan in 2007

Laura, despite being surrounded by a loving family, was forever afterwards occasionally beset by unfathomable sadness.

Rebecca Realdoll makeup applied likely on 29th March, 2002

Rebecca, older


Cynthia including some photos in uniform

Shooting a line, my review of Requiem for a Wren by Nevil Shute, 1955

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