Rebecca — the early years

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Rebecca — the early years

These early photos are of lower quality than more recent pictures.

First photo of Rebecca Realdoll, taken in October 2000

First photo of Rebecca, October 2000

I took the first photos of Rebecca with a 35 millimetre film camera. Here, she seems curious about what is outside the window.

Rebecca Realdoll in December 2000

December 2000

Rebecca Realdoll in March or April, 2001

March or April, I think, 2001

Rebecca Realdoll sunlit in early 2001

Sunlit in early 2001

Rebecca Realdoll reading Marie Clare (French edition) in 2001

Reading Marie Clare (French edition) in 2001

This was in the presence of French Marie Claire journalist Elizabet Alexandre, who was researching for her book about these new life-size dolls and their owners. She wrote the article in the magazine that Rebecca is reading, with photos by Elena Dorfman, an American. Elena and Elizabet each created doll books, one biased towards photos and the other towards text, but both had the same photo of Rebecca and I on the cover!

Rebecca Realdoll wearing fur hat and scarf in 2001


This image from April 2001 uses a poster of Mount Shuksan as a backdrop.

Rebecca Realdoll makeup applied  likely on 29th March, 2002

Makeup applied March 2002

By March 2002, her original eyebrows (made of paint) had largely rubbed away. I repainted the eyebrows and added freckles with poster paint dotted on with a fine brush and dabbed with a finger.

Rebecca Realdoll wearing fur in 2002

Rebecca in fur, 2002

Rebecca Realdoll sitting in an English kitchen in 2003

English kitchen

Rebecca Realdoll wearing boots in 2003

Rebecca in boots, 2003

A Realdoll holding a postcard written by Sigmund Freud

Rebecca holding Sigmund Freud’s postcard to my father

My father’s letter to Sigmund Freud, to which this postcard is Freud’s reply, is in the Freud museum in London.

Rebecca Realdoll flying a light airplane in 2003 or 2004

Rebecca Realdoll flying a light airplane in 2003 or 2004

This photo appeared in the May 2004 edition of the UK hang gliding magazine. At the time of writing, I have not succeeded in getting a photo of a doll strapped into a hang glider, despite several tries.

Rebecca Realdoll in a tiara and Caroline's dark purple dress

In a tiara and Caroline’s dark purple dress

Everard Cunion photographing Rebecca Realdoll in 2005

Me photographing Rebecca in 2005

Rebecca Realdoll in July 2005

July 2005, taken with early digital compact camera

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