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Rebecca and friends (page 5)

This page follows Rebecca and friends (page 4).

Life-size doll sitting on stairs looking up from a book in her lap

Crowded house

June, even more than Rebecca, is a bookish girl and she often likes to sit on her own, reading. She is practised at finding a place for that in this house crowded with dolls. I took this photo in late December, 2018.

The pictures on this wall, which I cut from magazines and calendars, are exposed to strong light and have faded. In the small photo on the right of the hang glider over the surf, the sailcloth is bright yellow (a dramatic contrast) but in the photo it has faded to pale grey.

…you are creating your own weather, you are making your own environment, always.

— quoted from Neil Finn of New Zealand bands Split Enz and Crowded House

I discovered film of a June lookalike in a bar in Paris in 1981. (To be fair, you don’t see much of her, but the hair at least is similar!) That June should have studied in Paris is unsurprising. (I sustained my back injury that year and I knew nothing about the silicone rubber younger sister I would discover nearly 30 years later.) Regardless, I am a bit shocked at this…

Still from video of the Stranglers' song 'La Folie' at 2 minutes 27 seconds

June and admirer in Paris, 1981

It is in the video of the Stranglers’ song La Folie (linked farther down).

Mother and daughter life-size dolls

Mother and daughter: Cynthia and June in December 2018

I sometimes just sit opposite them in the kitchen, just blown away with their life-like presence. They are unmoving, but it is as if their stillness is the illusion, not their realism.

Faina Anatomical Doll on a cold winter's day

Faina on a cold winter’s day

Faina and I visited a friend in Devon in January 2019.

Faina Anatomical Doll sitting among boats on a beach

Boats on the beach

Faina Anatomical Doll in 2016

Faina and me in 2016

Faina Anatomical Doll in MVD outfit in 2013

Faina of the MVD in 2013

Faina Anatomical Doll in 2019

Faina’s belly in January, 2019

Her finger wires broke at the knuckle joints early on. There is a repair detailed on one of the doll forums. I must get round to it some time.

Faina Anatomical Doll in March, 2019

Faina in March, 2019

External link

The Stranglers – La Folie (Album Edit) on Vimeo, with June misbehaving at 2 minutes 27 seconds (repeated in several places)