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Rebecca and friends (page 4)

This page follows Rebecca and friends (page 3).

Anoushka Anatomical Doll at Alektra's Castle in 2010

Anoushka at Alektra’s Castle in 2010

Anoushka Anatomical Doll in 2013

Anoushka in 2013

Anoushka Anatomical Doll running for a bus

Anoushka runs for a bus

Anoushka Anatomical Doll in uniform on Xmas day, 2014

Anoushka in the New Forest, southern England, on Xmas day, 2014

The New Forest scene was for a documentary by a team from Holland. The wide spacing between the trees is to facilitate rapid deployment of T-34s and other armoured vehicles in defence of the motherland.

Photo of life-size dolls Anoushka and June by Annalisa Falcone

Anoushka and June by Annalisa Falcone

A different photographer with a different camera yields different results.

Photo of life-size dolls Anoushka and June

Anoushka and June (by me)

Life-size doll riding a quad

Quad squad

The lady owner of this quad was happy to lend it to June to be photographed for a celebrity magazine.

Life-size doll playing a violin

Laura and June in 2010

June Knighthorse artificial girl and her books

June and her books in 2017

Lina Realdoll face photo


Rebecca and Lina Realdolls in 2012

Rebecca and Lina in 2012

Rebecca and Lina are both Realdolls of body type 4 (discontinued) but Lina’s body was made 11 years after Rebecca. Lina’s face is detachable whereas Rebecca’s face is moulded in with her head, which is not detachable. In addition, Lina’s skeleton can withstand tensile stress and she can adopt a standing pose with the aid of a doll stand, as here, whereas Rebecca cannot. (To complicate matters, this is Lina’s second body.)

Lina is named after the maid in Down the Amazon (La Jangada – Huit Cents lieues sur l’Amazone) by Jules Verne (1881). Although in principle a slave, this part Portuguese and part Amazon Indian girl is treated as a much loved member of the family that embarks on a voyage down the Amazon river on a giant raft.

Lina with the 20-year-old Minha by Léon Benett

Lina and Minha, both 20 years old

With her, and more specially attached to Minha’s service, was a pretty laughing mulatto, of the same age as her mistress, to whom she was completely devoted. She was called Lina, one of those gentle creatures, a little spoiled perhaps, to whom a good deal of familiarity is allowed but who in return adore their mistresses.

— from Down the Amazon by Jules Verne, 1881, translated by I.O. Evans, 1967

Lina leads the way. Illustration by Léon Benett.

Lina leads the way

Those two woodcut engravings (or whatever they are) are from the web page La Jangada (1880) 84 illustrations by Léon Benett (linked farther down).

Two life-size dolls drinking coffee outdoors at sunset

Laura and Denise

Life-size doll dressed as a Woman Police Officer at the 2014 UK doll convention

WPC Cynthia guards the doll room at the 2014 UK doll convention

Life-size doll belly

Varvara’s belly

Varvara’s belly is identical to Faina’s belly: They time-share the same body.

Anoushka's storage position, 2018

Anoushka’s storage position, 2018

Life-size doll in long dress sitting with head turned and fingering earring

Sharon strikes a pose

Life-size doll on all-fours

Karen poses for the camera

Not all dolls can swivel their heads to this extent.

Caroline and Virginia Realdolls among autumn leaves

Caroline and Virginia in 2015

Anatomical doll in black and white with selective colour of lips

Faina’s red lips

Selected colour in an otherwise black and white image is an effect available in my Fuji digital camera rather than in a photo editing program on my computer.

Mother and daughter life-size dolls sitting outdoors in a public place

Cynthia (right) and June are mother and daughter

Cynthia Sinthetics life-size doll

Cynthia wind-blown

Some flaking of the surface sealant is appearing on Cynthia’s chin. It is easy to fix with a thin wipe of silicone sealant tinted with some pink powder. I did the same with June two days before I took these photos. I wish all doll repairs were as easy.

June and Cynthia life-size dolls sitting on and by a wishing well

Wishing well

June sat on the stone wall of the well with her back resting against an iron upright while Cynthia sat on a folding chair.

Cynthia Sinthetics life-size doll

Cynthia back at home

Cynthia’s freckles are permanent, being applied during manufacture, and the lines in her face are designed in. Her original lip paint (she was made in 2013) is still perfect. For the wishing well photo shoot I added some blusher of various shades to both dolls.

June Knighthorse life-size doll wind-blown at Christchurch quay

June wind-blown at the quay

June’s freckles, like Cynthia’s, are permanent, being applied during manufacture.

Faina Anatomical Doll face and hair

Faina back at home

Faina also had freckles added by her (different) manufacturer, not just on her face, but all over her body too. However, unlike her body freckles, which are still intact (some are visible on her neck in this photo) her face freckles either rubbed off or dissipated eventually. I periodically re-apply them by hand using poster paint dotted on by brush and dabbed with a finger.

Some of the make-up around her eyes was added by a specialist for a magazine photo shoot a few years ago. That make-up is not as temporary — when applied to silicone rubber rather than to human skin, for which it is formulated — as I was led to believe. Luckily, I like it. (So does she…)

Kylie Realdoll on a Nukeproof Scout Race mountain bike in 2018

Kylie on the Nukeproof Scout in 2018

Kylie’s outfit matches that of Tessa, my 1/9th scale doll on her Protar 1/9th scale 1970 vintage Montesa Cota 247 trials bike. See Viva Protar for more.

Protar 1/9th scale trials bike ridden by a doll

Every day is a big hair day for Tessa.

This topic continues on Rebecca and friends (page 5).

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