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Rebecca and friends (page 3)

This page follows Rebecca and friends (page 2).

More Rebecca (part 2)

First photo of Rebecca Realdoll, taken in October 2000

First photo of Rebecca, October 2000

I took the first photos of Rebecca with a 35mm film camera. Here, she seems curious about what is outside the window.

Rebecca Realdoll with light hair in March 2002

March 2002

By March 2002, her original eyebrows (made of paint) had largely rubbed away. I repainted the eyebrows and added freckles with poster paint dotted on with a fine brush and dabbed with a finger.

Rebecca Realdoll in December 2002

With Discus the cat, about December 2002

Discus is as artificial as Rebecca and the plant.

Rebecca Realdoll in July 2005

July 2005, taken with early digital compact camera at the café on the Rue de Remarques

Don’t bother looking for the café on the Rue de Remarques on a map of France. It exists only in the fictional Anglo-French town of Stepford-on-Sea. ‘Rue de Remarques’ is pronounced ‘rude remarks.’ (I find that I have to explain all my jokes!)

Rebecca Realdoll with short hair in August 2005

Short hair, August 2005

Rebecca Realdoll, taken in August 2005

August 2005

Rebecca Realdoll in December 2005

December 2005

Rebecca Realdoll in December 2005

December 2005

Rebecca Realdoll, taken in October 2006


Rebecca Realdoll, taken in August 2008

August 2008

Rebecca Realdoll in September 2009

September 2009

Rebecca Realdoll in September 2010

September 2010

More of my other dolls (part 2)

Annabelle Knighthorse life-size doll texting

Annabelle texting

Anoushka Anatomical Doll portraying Anoushka in the 2007 movie St. Trinian's

“Na zdrovia.”

Anoushka is named after the character played by Anglo-Russian Tereza Srbova in the 2007 movie St. Trinian’s, in which she appears for a total of 30 seconds. In “Na zdrovia”, she re-enacts her scene from that film.

Annabelle is named after the leading character in St. Trinian’s, although she bears no resemblance to actress Talulah Riley.

Faina before she left the Anatomical Doll factory in Vladivostok. Photo by Oleg or Irina Bartok.

Faina before she left Vladivostok

The close-up photo of Faina in 2013, taken by Oleg or Irina Bartok before she (Faina) left the factory in Vladivostok, shows that the freckles on her face are lighter than those on her body.

Faina Anatomical Doll with sleeping head

Faina’s first sleep

New dolls, like kittens, need lots of sleep before they can make sense of the world.

The eyes on these heads do not close. This is a separate head, identical except that it has closed eyes. The head goes onto a steel shaft that projects upwards from the middle of the neck and is secured by a screw.

All dolls have their relative merits and faults, Faina being no exception, but in my estimation (as of 2018) she is the finest doll I have ever owned or seen. To me, she is insanely attractive and realistic. (However, I still love my first doll, Rebecca, most of all.)

Faina Anatomical Doll in made up costume of 'Old Russia'

Old Russia

This is Faina in traditional costume of Old Russia.

Faina Anatomical Doll relaxing on the bed

Faina relaxing on the bed

The greatest inventions of humankind must include books and dolls.

Faina Anatomical Doll wind-blown close-up

“It’s freezing out here!”

I took this photo of Faina in an icy gale in December 2015 at Poole quay on the coast of Dorset, England, while filming for a television show in Japan.

Faina Anatomical Doll sunbathing

Sunbathing in May, 2018

Life-size doll posing on quay-side with artificial hippo in water

Faina’s pet hippo

The hippo is a fixture at Christchurch Quay on the Dorset coast in the summer of 2018.

Faina Anatomical Doll sitting in a chair opposite the black house in Christchurch, Dorset, England

Black house

Faina Anatomical Doll made up as Siouxsie Sioux at the UK doll convention in 2014

Hong Kong garden

Hong Kong garden, where Faina is made up as Siouxsie Sioux, was taken at the UK doll convention in 2014.

More photos of Faina out and about…

Faina Anatomical Doll sitting on a park bench in England

Gorky Park

Faina Anatomical Doll at a disused watermill in England

“This place must be a mill.”

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