Rebecca and friends

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“If you should find one perfect thing, place, or person, you should stick to it.”

— spoken by the second Mrs. Dewinter (played by Joan Fontaine) quoting her deceased father in the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock movie Rebecca.

Rebecca and friends

Note: I am creating new pages to replace this and the other earlier doll pages. As I do so, I am deleting photos from this page where I have placed them in one of the new pages. See the Life-size dolls menu.

Rebecca Realdoll in 2010

Rebecca in 2010

In October 2000, Rebecca arrived in a wooden crate from California, initiating what was for me a new life surrounded by life-size dolls.

Rebecca is a Realdoll created at the turn of the century by Matt and his team at Abyss Creations. Several observers have mentioned that, even in flat photos such as this (if you look away slightly) she breathes. And was that a sigh?

The dolls on this page are some of my family of artificial girls who collectively constitute the Doll Teashop.

I sometimes obtain the assistance of make-up, hair styling, and clothing experts who accompany visiting magazine and television crews.

Virginia Realdoll

Virginia, the headmistress, was made by Abyss Creations in 2005.

Virginia is the youngest headmistress in the history of the school and, likely for that reason (it seems to me) she is overly strict.

I took this photo of Virginia after I glued her mouth closed too.

Rebecca Realdoll in 2006

Rebecca again, in 2006, looks askance at our growing collection of life-size dolls

'Younger Anoushka' Anatomical Doll

‘Younger Anoushka,’ an extra head for Anoushka’s body, arrived from Russia in 2011.

A Realdoll holding a postcard written by Sigmund Freud

Rebecca holding Sigmund Freud’s postcard to my father

My father’s letter to Sigmund Freud, to which this postcard is Freud’s reply, is in the Freud museum in London.

Rebecca Realdoll in 2017

Rebecca in 2017

Rebecca shows signs of age and some obvious shortcomings of the early Realdolls. However, to me she is the most beautiful doll ever made.

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