Raisa and younger Anoushka

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Raisa and younger Anoushka

Both these heads were made by Oleg and Irina at Anatomical Doll, Vladivostok, Russia, in 2013 and 2012, respectively. They time-share Anoushka‘s body. As such, they stand nearly six feet tall in high heels.


Raisa Anatomical Doll in a black dress and carrying an AK-47


Adjusting the eyes of Raisa Anatomical Doll

Eyeball engineering

Like Anoushka and Faina, Raisa arrived with her eyes centred. Deflecting them without damaging the eyes or eyelashes requires care. First, apply water-based lubricant (and extra water to dilute it, if necessary) onto the eyes and use a ‘cotton bud’ (a flexible plastic stick with cotton wool on the ends) to work it under the eyeball. The taper-nose pliers grip the sides of the eyeball, where any scratches caused are not seen.

Raisa Anatomical Doll portrait


Younger Anoushka

I am not sure that she looks any younger than Anoushka, but it is an idea that occurred to me at the time.

Younger Anoushka Anatomical Doll

Younger Anoushka

Younger Anoushka Anatomical Doll portrait in fur hat and fur coat

Russian girl

Younger Anoushka Anatomical Doll of the GRU


Younger Anoushka Anatomical Doll with her owner

“See what us dolls have to put up with?”

Younger Anoushka Anatomical Doll close up

Close up

Younger Anoushka Anatomical Doll apparently walking along a street

Small town girl

Younger Anoushka and Lucy

“What shall I do with this one?”

The tied up doll is Lucy.

'Younger Anoushka' Anatomical Doll