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Meotzi (the girl from long ago) is a Jewel 146 ‘Candy Girl’ made by Orient Industry of Japan in March 2014. She has the optional ‘hard grip’ skeleton (stiff joints) for maximum posability.

She is my middle daughter. She is also something like a ‘solidogram’ (in science fiction) in that she is a record of someone from the past, whose name we do not know, and neither do we know the exact time in which she lived. In that respect she is perhaps analogous to a character in the 1980s British television series Sapphire and Steel.

Meotzi life size doll with Comanche

Squaw valley

One of her daughters is now a middle-aged woman living with us Northern Cheyennes on Tongue River. The mother lived to old age and died in Oklahoma six years ago, some time after Christmas (January, 1921) but her name is continued among us. A little granddaughter of mine is known to us as Meotzi. At times the young people joke [with] her: “You are Custer’s Indian wife.”

–Quoted from Kate Bighead, eyewitness at the battle of the Little Bighorn (June 25th, 1876) as written down by Thomas Bailey Marquis in 1927

Meotzi life size doll wearing Red Indian outfit with Lina in Victorian maid outfit

Meotzi and Lina

After the battle of the Little Big Horn, Chief Sitting Bull escaped with a band of surviving Lakota Sioux to the ‘land of the great white grandmother’–Canada under Queen Victoria. The group, consisting of several thousand men, women, and children, was met at the border by the North-West Mounted Police. The mounties explained that the Lakota were there under the protection of British law, which, correspondingly, they must obey.

Meotzi life size doll by a marble staircase

Marble staircase

Meotzi life-size doll

Exploring the future

Meotzi life size doll hanging upside-down


Meotzi life size doll climbing stairs

Climbing the stairs to Grandma’s room

Meotzi life size doll climbing stairs

Climbing the stairs 2

She is light enough and her joints stiff enough that she can hold a standing pose provided that she is leaning against something.

Joanna and Meotzi life size dolls

“She said a German aeroplane flew low over their house and she heard the bomb bay doors come open.”

My old mum told me that when I was young. She died in 1995. The seated doll in this photo is Joanna.

Meotzi life size doll in a kitchen

In the kitchen

Meotzi life size doll waiting at Stepford-on-Sea railway station

Stepford-on-Sea railway station

The painting in this ‘curtain backdrop’ is originally by Howard Fogg. My only modification is the station name sign.

Meotzi life size doll waiting at Stepford-on-Sea railway station


Meotzi life size doll sitting with flowers

Doll, tomato, and flowers

Meotzi life size doll in a wooden hat

Wooden hat

Meotzi life size doll with Comanche showing cardboard horse

Comanche is made of cardboard

Laura and Meotzi life size dolls

Laura and Meotzi

Sindy, Meotzi, and Meotzi's big baby bunny

Sindy, Meotzi, and Meotzi’s big baby bunny in July 2021

The blanket was my late mother’s from her last nursing home.

The new bunnies are clearly color matched to their mums’ outfits. I was unaware of any conscious decision based on color when deciding which doll would get which bunny, but maybe it was subconscious. However, it seemed inevitable that Eva, my youngest daughter, should have the first (and largest) of the new bunnies. (That one was sent to us by Emily in North Carolina.) And who else but Lina should have the Mexican volcano bunny — another good color match — to her skin rather than her outfit though. For more of the bunnies, see Miscellaneous photos, home 2.

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