Varvara and Lucy

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Varvara and Lucy

I put these two dolls’ photos on the same page only for convenience. They were made by different manufacturers and, other than both being made largely of silicone rubber, they have differing characteristics.


Varvara is a head made by Anatomical Doll of Vladivostok, Russia (no longer trading) in 2014. She borrows Faina‘s body and, sometimes, Lucy’s body, although the head connection in the latter is insecure.

Varvara Anatomical Doll in a library

Intellectual property

Kharn of the Doll Forum came up with the excruciating title of this photo.

Varvara Anatomical Doll at the factory in Vladivostok. Photo by Irina Ermolova.

At the factory in Vladivostok. Photo by Irina Ermolova.

Varvara Anatomical Doll portrait

Varvara by the kitchen window

Varvara Anatomical Doll as the head in the box

The head in the box

Varvara Anatomical Doll

Varvara, another head by Oleg and Irina, arrived in 2014.

I said to one magazine team that, according to rumour, the Russians were bumping off attractive women living alone, plasticising their bodies, and selling them as life-size dolls. This was met by sideways glances and nervous laughter…

Life-size doll belly

Varvara’s belly

Varvara’s belly is identical to Faina’s belly: They time-share the same body.


Lucy is an Evolution body with the Chris head made by 4woods of Japan in 2008, although I acquired her from a previous owner in China in 2009.

Lucy 4woods life size doll


Lucy 4woods Bed pose

Bed pose

Lucy 4woods life size doll

Lucy at Alektra’s castle in 2011

Lucy 4woods with legs crossed

Crossed legs

Lucy 4woods life size doll