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Laura is a Neo-J with the ‘Haruhi’ head made by 4woods of Japan in 2007.

Laura 4woods arrival photo


Laura 4woods settles in to her new home

Settling in to her new home

Laura 4woods reading by the light from a window

Window light

Laura 4woods checking an answering machine message

Checking the new answering machine message

Laura 4woods sitting outdoors among autumn leaves

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey

Laura 4woods in the kitchen

In the kitchen

Laura 4woods kneeling on a chair

“I’ve dropped my book.”

Laura was made by 4woods of Japan in 2007

Laura, despite being surrounded by a loving family of dolls (and me) is occasionally beset by unfathomable sadness.

Laura 4woods sitting outdoors with her owner

Me and Laura in 2008

Laura 4woods sitting outdoors showing off her legs


Laura 4woods posing on stairs

Posing on the stairs

Laura 4woods jumping off a stair bannister

Jump off

I sat her on a cushion atop the narrow post, with one arm bracing her against tipping sideways, but nothing bracing her against falling forwards or backwards. I stood beside her for several minutes to catch her if she began to tilt. I felt she was stable enough, so I retreated to the camera and pressed the shutter release as she fell forwards head-first onto the floor. Luckily there was no damage. (The damage done if she had fallen backwards does not bear thinking about.) I have resolved never to take such risks in future.

A lucky photo, nonetheless.

Laura 4woods and her owner following directions in 2010

Following directions in 2010

Laura 4woods sitting with legs crossed outdoors

Black outfit

Laura 4woods sitting outdoors at sunset

Laura at sunset

Laura 4woods in bed

In bed

Laura 4woods in black and red

In black and red

Laura 4woods looking up a recipe in a cookery book

Cook book

Laura 4woods reading on a bed

Contemplating the infinite

Laura 4woods portrait

Laura in 2013

Laura 4woods in a library

In the library

Laura 4woods sitting across the back seat of a car

In-car entertainment

Laura 4woods reading on a blue camp bed

Blue camp bed