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Kylie is a Realdoll made by Abyss Creations of California in 2011. The original face was sculpted by Professor Sakai, a model-builder and sculptor in Japan. The face was modified to be compatible with Realdoll manufacture by Matt McMullen of Abyss Creations. Kylie time-shares her body with Lina.

Kylie Realdoll standing in evening sunlight

Kylie in evening sunlight

Kylie Realdoll as Miss Moneypenny in one of the later James Bond films

Kylie as Eve Moneypenny in the later James Bond films

Kylie Realdoll posing on a bicycle

Kylie on her bike

Kylie Realdoll holding a 1/24th scale DeHaviland Mosquito

Airfix 1/24th scale DeHaviland Mosquito

Kylie Realdoll holding an Airfix Avro Vulcan

“It’s so big!”

Kylie has clearly inherited Professor Sakai’s model-building talents.

And, as they had become teenagers and Kit had begun to spend hours making his model aircraft, she had spent hours watching him, her elbows propped on the big nursery table, chin on her hands, passing him pins and knife and glue.

— Margaret Mayhew, Bluebirds, 1993

Kylie Realdoll building a 1/9th scale Montesa trials bike

Building a 1/9th scale Montesa trials bike for Tessa, who is sitting in the corner of the box

Kylie Realdoll on a Nukeproof Scout Race mountain bike in 2018

Kylie on the Nukeproof Scout in 2018