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June life-size doll standing against a garden fence

Arrival day

June, my younger sister, is another head made by Matt and Bronwen in 2010

June life-size doll sitting in a chair

June and Sindy

June life-size doll kneeling and holding a machine gun

Gunslinger girl

Life-size doll riding a quad

Quad squad

The lady owner of this quad was happy to lend it to June to be photographed for a celebrity magazine.

June life-size doll posing for a photo

June in 2011

June life-size doll sitting outside in cold weather clothes

January sunshine

Life size doll and owner at the Shaftsbury Theatre, London, in 2011

At the Shaftsbury Theatre, London, in 2011

June and I appeared the Shaftsbury Theatre for a magazine event in 2011. These three photos were taken using a compact 35 millimetre film camera.

Life size doll at the Shaftsbury Theatre, London, in 2011

Make-up room

Life size doll outside the Shaftsbury Theatre, London, in 2011

Waiting for the taxi home

June life-size doll sitting for a photo

August 2012

June life-size doll sitting for a photo


June’s freckles are permanent, being applied during manufacture.

June life-size doll sitting outside

Afternoon tea

Laura and June life-size doll sitting in a garden

Laura and June

June and Denise life size dolls in August 2013

June and Denise in August 2013

Life-size doll


Compatibility between heads and bodies of different doll manufacturers is rare, but June can borrow Laura’s body. This photo of June is one of a series of three I had on an earlier web site (now gone). The caption to the photo preceding this one was something like, “The hum of insects reminded June of an incident in her family when she was younger.”

June Knighthorse artificial girl and her books

June and her books in 2017

June life-size doll playing a piano in a cafe in Bournemouth

At the Barbie doll cafe in Bournemouth

June life-size doll and film crew waiting for a taxi in Bournemouth

Waiting for a taxi again

June Knighthorse life-size doll wind-blown at Christchurch quay

June wind-blown at the quay

Life-size doll sitting on stairs looking up from a book in her lap

Crowded house

June, even more than Rebecca, is a bookish girl and she often likes to sit on her own, reading. She is practised at finding a place for that in this house crowded with dolls. I took this photo in late December, 2018.

The pictures on this wall, which I cut from magazines and calendars, are exposed to strong light and have faded. In the small photo on the right of the hang glider over the surf, the sailcloth is bright yellow (a dramatic contrast) but in the photo it has faded to pale grey.

…you are creating your own weather, you are making your own environment, always.

— quoted from Neil Finn of New Zealand bands Split Enz and Crowded House

I discovered film of a June lookalike in a bar in Paris in 1981. (To be fair, you don’t see much of her, but the hair at least is similar!) That June should have studied in Paris is unsurprising. (I sustained my back injury that year and I knew nothing about the silicone rubber younger sister I would discover nearly 30 years later.) Regardless, I am a bit shocked at this…

Still from video of the Stranglers' song 'La Folie' (album edit) on Vimeo at 2 minutes 27 seconds

June and admirer in Paris, 1981 (no larger image available)

It is in the video of this song: The Stranglers – La Folie (Album Edit) on Vimeo, with June misbehaving at 2 minutes 27 seconds (repeated in several places).

Life-size doll and her owner reading in April sunshine

June and I reading in April sunshine