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Joanna was made by Matt (the other Matt) and Bronwen during their time at the Realdoll factory (Abyss Creations) while Matt No.1 was AWOL. Joanna is my sister-in-law.

Life-size doll playing tennis

Game, set, and match

Joanna, an Abyss Creations Realdoll, made in 2008

My sister-in-law Joanna is an Abyss Creations Realdoll made in 2008

Realdoll wearing tennis outfit

Vintage player

Life-size doll lying on grass among young men

Bohemian rhapsody

Life-size doll and owner on bicycles

Joanna and me in 2009

Life-size dolls

Joanna and Alektra at Alektra’s castle in 2011

Realdoll in St. Trinian's outfit

St. Trinian’s girl

Life-size doll holding door open


Realdoll in red outfit

Lady in red

Realdoll in blue outfit

Lady in blue

Scantily clad Realdoll

Scantily clad

Realdoll sitting beside a hang glider

“What did you want me to do with this?”

Realdoll hiding in a cupboard

Mop cupboard

Reminds me of the morning my wife was cooking breakfast, kids all over the house, and I scored a quickie from my sister-in-law. Never forget it. Standing up in the closet.

—quoted from Gunship, Spectre of Death, by Henry Zeybel, 1987