Eleanor and Sharon

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Eleanor and Sharon

Eleanor and Sharon time-share one body, made of thermoplastic (TPE) in China in 2016. Such dolls are less expensive than silicone rubber dolls, but they are more fragile, much harder to clean (they collect dust and dirt and you cannot get it off) and even heavier.

The body is a YL Doll (YourDoll Shop) 155 ‘custom’ (meaning mark 2) body in tanned skin tone. It is exquisitely pose-able and of realistic proportions.


Eleanor is my eldest daughter. She is a WM head 31 in tanned skin tone.

Eleanor life-size doll in 2017

Puzzle palace

Unlike a real daughter, Eleanor will never leave home and be swept off her feet by a daring young fellow. There will be no fairy-tale wedding for her. She will never leave me.

Eleanor life-size doll in 2018

Head girl

Eleanor life-size doll in 2018

Although she is heavy, her joints are stiff enough so that she can stand when leaning against something.

Eleanor thermoplastic doll in 2016

Eleanor looks out over the harbour in 2016

Eleanor life-size doll in 2016

What’s that you’re reading?

Eleanor life-size doll at sunset in June 2020

Eleanor at sunset in June 2020


Sharon is the original head that came with this doll. She has a strong personality.

Sharon thermoplastic life-size doll in April 2019

Sharon the school librarian in April 2019

Life-size doll in long dress sitting with head turned and fingering earring

Sharon strikes a pose

Sharon YLDoll in 2016

Sharon in 2016