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Cynthia is a Celestine head made in October 2013 by Matt and Bronwen of Sinthetics. She time-shares the same Knighthorse body #1 as Annabelle, Denise, and June. Cynthia is Annabelle and June’s mother. She took a break from her busy life to visit her daughters here in 2013 and she never left.

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in 2015

Are you coming?

Cynthia was made by Sinthetics of California in 2013

Cynthia was made by Matt and Bronwen in 2013

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in 2014

Evening light

She is named after Lester Gaba’s mannequin of the 1930s.

[Lester Gaba] created a particularly beautiful mannequin whom he called Cynthia and paraded around New York, taking her to the Opera, the clubs and society events even though it took three men to carry her. She became very popular and was showered with gifts from Cartier and Tiffany.

— Suzie Plumb and Jack Lewis writing in Guys ‘n’ Dolls, Art, Science, Fashion & Relationships, published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Sussex, England, 23 April – 12 June 2005

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in 2015

Vintage Cynthia

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in 2013

Profumo affair

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in 2013


Life-size doll dressed as a Woman Police Officer at the 2014 UK doll convention

WPC Cynthia guards the doll room at the 2014 UK doll convention

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in 2015

In the kitchen in 2015

Cynthia life-size doll in U.S. Women's Army Corps outfit

Cynthia in U.S. Women’s Army Corps outfit

I took the preceding photo of Cynthia as a World War II U.S. Women’s Army Corps PFC (attached to General Headquarters and assigned to the air force) at the ‘Shake and Stir vintage festival’ near Bournemouth in July, 2018.

Cynthia Sinthetics life-size doll

Cynthia in 2018

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in U.S. Women's Army Corps uniform

Planning the next allied move in north Africa

With Rommel’s Afrika Korps advancing again, the U.S. Army plans its next move in support of the British 8th Army.

Parallel lines

My Blondie character was an inflatable doll but with a dark, provocative, aggressive side. I was playing it up yet I was very serious.

— From the autobiography Face It, Debbie Harry, 2019

I took these two photos with my super new (pre-owned) Fuji X100F.

Cynthia Sinthetics doll made up to resemble Debbie Harry of punk band Blondie

Icon of punk

Cynthia Sinthetics doll in U.S. Women's Army Corps uniform

Eat to the beat


Faina as Siouxsie (another icon of punk)

War to end all wars part 2 for more dolls in uniform