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Caroline is a Realdoll made in 2004 by Abyss Creations.

Photo taken with a film camera of Caroline Realdoll on a bicycle in 2004

Taken with a film camera in 2004

Caroline and Rebecca Realdolls in 2004

Caroline and Rebecca in 2004

Caroline Realdoll fur coat, in 2005

Fur coat, 2005

Caroline Realdoll wearing a red dress and pink hat

Caroline in red, December 2005

Caroline Realdoll in red and white in 2005

Caroline in 2005

Caroline Realdoll in WRNS uniform in 2006

Caroline of the WRNS

Caroline Realdoll in WRNS uniform, 2010

Navy scrapyard

“I think he was frightfully good as a doctor or psychologist or something because he didn’t do anything at all. He made me sit down in a chair and got a couple of cups of tea from the wardroom and gave me a cigarette and started talking about himself.”

— from Requiem for a Wren by Nevil Shute, 1955. See my review of the book.

Caroline Realdoll in WRNS uniform in 2006

“They dropped what kind of bomb?”

Caroline Realdoll in wedding dress in 2006

First wedding (2006) with Rebecca as bridesmaid

Caroline Realdoll in wedding dress in 2006

Heavy doll

Caroline Realdoll with book in kitchen, 2008

“But I don’t know how to cook.”

Caroline Realdoll sitting astride a bicycle in 2009

“This hand grip is loose.”

Her body collapsed internally, but in 2009 I obtained a compatible replacement, pre-owned but in good condition, a two-hour drive from where I live in southern England.

Varoline Realdoll playing guitar in 2009

“Seems like nothin’ ever comes to no good up on Choctaw ridge
And now Billy Joe MacAllister’s jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge…”

Caroline Realdoll and a painting


Caroline Realdoll as Emmanuelle Béart

Emmanuelle Béart doll

After I glued her mouth closed, a doll owner in France brought to my attention that she resembled the actress Emmanuelle Béart. Subsequently I made her mouth less wide and the resemblance was lost.

Caroline Realdoll at Bournemouth sea front (Overcliff Drive) in 2010

Bournemouth sea front (Overcliff Drive) in 2010

I used this old television camera tripod as a doll stand before I obtained a purpose made stand.

Caroline Realdoll as Photographer's Assistant in 2011

Photographer’s Assistant

We got to Torrance Beach and saw all these kites in the air and I had a camera with me and got out and shot a few of them, and decided, well, I’d better get some more film. Sent the wife home to get it, and then I went down on the beach and started shooting landings and half the guys that landed on the beach were surfers that I knew.

— Leroy Grannis, legendary surfing photographer who turned his camera to hang gliders in the early 1970s, interviewed for the 2008 documentary film Big Blue Sky by Bill Liscomb

Caroline Realdoll driving an American car in 2010

American car club, Poole, Dorset, England, in 2010

We chanced upon the American car club gathering during filming for a television station in Germany.

Caroline Realdoll driving an American car in 2010

Hit the gas!

Caroline Realdoll as a Piccadilly commando in 2012

Piccadilly commando

When the dusk begins to grip the streets, the commandos come out of their hiding and head for their respective theatres. The top operators wander along the edges of Hyde Park and past Grosvenor House. There are dark-eyed French girls in the eddies along Bond Street, but most of them are in and around Piccadilly.

— Written by 1st Lieutenant Bert Stiles, USAAF, shortly before he was killed at the age of 24 flying a P-51 Mustang on a bomber escort mission to Germany.

Caroline Realdoll reading in 2012

Reading in 2012

Cardboard horse, Caroline Realdoll, and owner in 2012

Comanche, Caroline, and me in 2012

Caroline Realdoll with a stand-up cardboard print of a horse

Comanche is a stand-up cardboard print

Caroline Realdoll running for a bus in 2012

Running for a bus in 2012

See also Anoushka running for a bus.

Filming Caroline Realdoll for a television station in Korea

Filming for a television station in Korea

Caroline Realdoll in a green dress

Green dress

Caroline Realdoll Ready to ride a horse in 2013

Ready to ride

Caroline Realdoll getting married again (for a magazine)

Getting married again (for a magazine)

Caroline Realdoll in 2014

The wife