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Café on the Rue de Remarques

This page and its continuation page contain photos of more than one doll.

Don’t bother looking for the café on the Rue de Remarques on a map of France. It exists only in the fictional Anglo-French town of Stepford-on-Sea. ‘Rue de Remarques’ is pronounced ‘rude remarks.’ (I find that I have to explain all my jokes!)

Rebecca and Caroline Realdolls in 2004

Rebecca and Caroline in 2004

When Caroline arrived, she had endless advice for Rebecca, although Rebecca had been around far longer!

Rebecca and Caroline Realdolls in vintage Photoshopped image

Bomber’s moon

Perry of the Doll Forum created the vintage colours in this image, complete with wartime notice, based on my original photograph.

Three Realdolls being served tea by their owner

“You just can’t get the staff these days.” (Virginia, Caroline, and Rebecca in 2005.)

Caroline and Rebecca Realdolls

Caroline at home with Rebecca in 2006

This was before I glued Caroline’s mouth shut.

Three life size dolls

Joanna, Lina, and Laura in 2008

Filming Realdolls for a documentary for Canada in 2009

Shooting a documentary for Canada in 2009

That’s Virginia on the left and Joanna sitting up and discussing the arrangement with the subject of this documentary made in Canada, pioneering photographer Elena Dorfman, out of view on the right.

So many personnel turned up for this that they could not all fit in the house and some milled about or sat on their many equipment cases outside. Fortunately, the weather was fine.

See also Lesbie Avenue, my review of the Canadian lesbian hang gliding movie When Night is Falling by Patricia Rozema, 1995.

Virginia and Joanna Realdolls in 2009

Virginia and Joanna in 2009

Life-size doll playing a violin

Laura and June in 2010

Laura, Anoushka, and June life-size dolls on a beach

Laura, Anoushka, and June on the day Anoushka arrived in 2010

Anoushka’s arrival day (she was made in Vladivostok, Russia) coincided with a photo shoot for Closer magazine.

Three life-size dolls with a painting

“We must write and thank that lady for painting us that day at the beach all those years ago.”

Annabelle, Rebecca, and Anoushka in 2011. The painting (a print) is Secret Memories by Sherree Valentine Daines. I have blurred it to protect copyright.

Laura and Anoushka in 2011

June and Virginia life size dolls in 2011

June and Virginia in 2011

Life size dolls June, Anoushka, and Joanna Joanna on bicycles

June, Anoushka, and Joanna in 2011

Annalisa Falcone photographing life size dolls in 2011

Joanna, Annalisa from Italy, June, and Anoushka

Life size dolls at a picnic with bicycles

Anoushka, June, and Joanna

Photo of life-size dolls Anoushka and June by Annalisa Falcone

Anoushka and June by Annalisa

Photo of life-size dolls Anoushka and June

Anoushka and June (by me)

Azusa from Japan and Laura life size doll

Azusa, a real woman from Japan, and Laura (also from Japan, but a doll) in 2011

Two life-size dolls drinking coffee outdoors at sunset

Laura and Denise in 2011

Passing children unwrap the sweets their mothers bought for them, without looking up. All pass by, as if the Jewgirls surrounded by levelled machine guns were a normal, commonplace occurrence: part of the natural order of things; something which no longer draws the attention, having long ago lost its attraction.

— From House of Dolls by Ka-Tzetnik 135633, 1956, translated from the Hebrew by Moshe M. Kohn

This topic continues in Café on the Rue de Remarques part 2.

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