Café on the Rue de Remarques part 3

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Café on the Rue de Remarques part 3

This page continues from Café on the Rue de Remarques part 2.

Anoushka Anatomical Doll and June Knighthorse life size dolls in 2011

Anoushka and June in 2011

Two life size dolls at breakfast in a hotel

Annabelle and Varvara

The camera sometimes captures undercurrents of which I am unaware at the time. This was at breakfast during the 2014 UK doll convention on the England-Wales border.

Two life size vintage dolls


Rebecca and Caroline Realdolls in 2014

Rebecca and Caroline in 2014

Five life-size dolls in 2014

Anoushka, Rebecca, Virginia, Varvara, and Lucy in 2014

Three life size dolls sitting with their owner outdoors

Faina, Anoushka, and Varvara in 2015

Here, Varvara is using Lucy’s body. The head-body attachment is fairly insecure. (She normally borrows Faina’s body, for which the Varvara head was designed.)

Three life size dolls in a kitchen

Cynthia, Lucy, and Sara in 2015

Steampunk life-size dolls

Steampunk dolls Anoushka and Laura

Caroline and Virginia Realdolls among autumn leaves

Caroline and Virginia in 2015

Three life size dolls with a bicycle in a kitchen

Cynthia, Eleanor, and Kylie in 2017

Life size dolls assembling a jig saw puzzle

Virginia, me, Anoushka, Eleanor, Sara, and Cynthia in 2017

June and Cynthia life size dolls in 2018

June and Cynthia in 2018

June and Cynthia life-size dolls sitting on and by a wishing well

Wishing well

June and Faina life size dolls with their owner sitting on a bench in 2018

June, Faina, and me in 2018

The camera sometimes has difficulty coping with the varied skin tomes of these dolls (and real people).

Mother and daughter life-size dolls

Mother and daughter: Cynthia and June in December 2018

I sometimes just sit opposite them in the kitchen, just blown away with their life-like presence. They are unmoving, but it is as if their stillness is the illusion, not their realism.

Faina and Rebecca life size dolls in 2019

Faina and Rebecca in 2019

Faina is my older sister (from Russia). Rebecca is, as far as I know, the oldest ‘living’ Realdoll, having been manufactured in September 2000. She is — and always will be — my top doll.

Eleanor, Lina, and Angela life size dolls

Eleanor, Lina, and Angela in June 2020

Eleanor is my eldest daughter, Lina is the maid, and Angela a teacher here at Stepford-on-Sea finishing school for girls.

Eva and Meotzi life size dolls

Eva and Meotzi in June 2020

Eva is my youngest daughter (named after me, but there is no resemblance — fortunately) and Meotzi is my middle daughter.

Annabelle and Cynthia

Annabelle and Cynthia

In addition to Annabelle and Cynthia, reflected in the mirrors are Laura, Joanna, and Anoushka.

Life size dolls in mirrors

Mirror view in December 2021

Anoushka and Joanna, with Annabelle out of focus and, more indistinct, Anoushka again and Cynthia.