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1/72 scale F-89


I do not think that the Northrop F-89 Scorpion was used in Korea, but it is of the same era. It was a large aircraft and this 1/72 scale model is commensurately large.

1/72 scale F-89 close-up

F-89 close-up

Photo of a 1/48th scale Grumman F9F Panther

My 1/48th scale Grumman F9F Panther

Alternative decals supplied with this 1/48 scale kit are for Lt. Brubaker’s aircraft in the movie The Bridges at Toko Ri. I also recommend the book by James Michener.

I also have a 1/72 scale model, which is just as good.

Korean War mixed media image

My 1/48th scale F-86 Photoshopped onto a backdrop based on one of my hang gliding aerial photos

One of my online friends, an ex US Navy pilot, created this image by combining two of my photos.

Photo of a 1/48th scale F-86

My 1/48th scale F-86 Sabre

The light impinging from below is significant in the combined image.

Photo of a 1/72nd scale F4U Corsair

1/72nd scale F4U Corsair night fighter

This 1/72nd scale F4U Corsair night fighter (note the radar on the starboard wing) is also of the Korean war. It has a seven inch span and it is less than six inches long.

1/72 scale Corsair

The figures are one inch tall

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