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Hang glider names

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5 Responses to Hang glider names

  1. Jon Howes says:

    Hi Everard,
    You wrote: “Wills Wing Sport 2: The exception; no airplane I know of is named Sport”. This raised a smile as I built a flying scale model of one a few years ago. Here is the full size:




  2. Jenny Ganderton says:

    And here is a picture of one flying at Cowra http://www.rotecradialengines.com/0DavidShaw/76AllDoneT.jpg

  3. Patrick Maher says:

    The story told me was that the “new” Wills Wing glider was named over beer in the sail loft after a long day at work.
    After a lengthy complaint that all the cool bird names had been used, Hawk, Eagle, even Vulture, were all taken. Not wanting to break company tradition, they went back to first principals. “What is it for?” The glider was designed for cross country flying. Long range. What flies long range? Migratory birds. What birds Migrate? Ducks. Duck was silly enough, and accurate enough, that they had a new name. The glider logo on the keel pocket was a duck’s silhouette, with webbed feet sticking down for landing.
    The second version of the Duck was not named the Duck 2, but instead, The Attack Duck, as a part of the running gag and to reflect it’s might for competition flying. Some, but not all Attack Ducks got sidewinder missile silhouettes added to the Duck logo on the keel pocket.

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