Ultralight Products of California and Utah

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Ultralight Products of California and Utah

This page links to related snippets woven into the main hang gliding pages. The links here are in chronological order.

Art based on a photo by Leroy Grannis of Charles Baughman and Roy Haggard over ‘the domes’ site at Palos Verdes, California


Birdman of Wiltshire, England

External links

Photo by Don Liddard of several gliders in the the landing field at the British championship competition at Mere, Wiltshire, in August 1975, in which you can compare the shape of the Wasp Nova with that of the UP Dragonfly

Photo by Roger Middleton of Ken Messenger of Birdman flying an Ultralight Products Dragonfly at Mere, Wiltshire, England, in August 1975

Wind Drifter, Richard Cobb’s web site. For his comprehensive Ultralight Products Mosquito page, click the Mosquito link in the second paragraph under About Wind Drifter.

Big Blue Sky video external links

Theses are links to Big Blue Sky — The history of modern hang gliding – the first extreme sport!, 2008, documentary by Bill Liscomb on YouTube:

  • Pete Brock describes how he started: Big Blue Sky starting at 25 minutes 10 seconds
  • Roy Haggard: Big Blue Sky starting at 43 minutes 13 seconds, narrated by Bill Liscomb, Pete Brock, and Tom Price

Other video external link

Peter Brock’s Hang Glider Transporter VW Bus – Jay Leno’s Garage video on YouTube

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