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Torrance Beach

The contents of this page have been moved to Torrance Beach in Hang gliding history.

2 Responses to Torrance Beach

  1. Frank Colver says:

    I think the brief shot of me “wing running” (as Joe Faust calls it) my Skysail on the beach, shown in Big Blue Sky, was at Torrance Beach but it may have been Dockweiler, I’m not sure. Maybe another look at the background would determine the location. It’s been quite a while since i have viewed the video.

    Frank Colver

    • I notice another place in Big Blue Sky where the narration is about Torrance beach, but the film is of Playa Del Rey (Dockweiler). In addition, where Dave Cronk soars his Cronkite at Torrey Pines (film from Playground in the Sky) the narration is about Torrance Beach. It seems to me that, in creating a fast-paced documentary, Bill Liscomb used the best images to illustrate the narrative, even when the correlation between the two is not exact. One sand dune looks much like another, I guess.

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