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Skyhook Sailwings

The contents of this page have been moved to Skyhook Sailwings in Hang gliding history.

2 Responses to Skyhook Sailwings

  1. John LaTorre says:

    Thanks for the essays on Sky Sports and Skyhook. They brought back some memories!
    When I was working with Flight Designs, Pacific Windcraft and Pacific Airwave, we made sails for a few British companies, including of course Airwave. I was able to meet John Ivers of Hiway, and worked closely with Graham Deegan and Rory Carter. I’d be interested in you writing about those companies at some point.

    And I was pretty good friends with Bob England. He and I worked on the Pacific Windcraft Eclipse, and often flew together at Marina Beach. I loved his sense of humor, and I guess he liked mine; he turned me on to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and I introduced him to the Firesign Theater. I miss him a lot.

    • Thanks John. (I intended to reply sooner!) I recently added the following section to the hang gliding main menu. It covers some manufacturers in a small way: Hang gliding related topics menus. I am still collecting notes that I plan to add some time. For example, yesterday I read in an old copy of Glider Rider that the Flight Designs Demon, although based on the Hiway Demon, was re-engineered by Jean-Michel Bernasconi and Bill Pain to pass HGMA testing. (That’s kinda worrying in that it makes me wonder what was wrong with BHGA testing!)

      I too am a fan of the Hitch Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, despite the obvious faults of the television series.

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