Hang gliding 2018 part 2

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Hang gliding 2018 part 2

Camera: Fuji FinePix HS 50 EXR

The absence of wing-mounted camera photos on this page is because I did not fly in 2018.

This page continues from Hang gliding 2018 part 1. It starts with more photos I took at Ringstead in July.

Avian Rio 2 hang glider  in flight

Simon M in his Avian Rio 2

Avian Rio hang glider  in flight

Tony W (not the instructor) in an Avian Rio

Hang glider seconds after launching at Ringstead, Dorset, England

Rob S seconds after launching

Rob S tries a bit of Falconry from the cockpit of his Sea Harrier at an air display

Art based on a photo of Rob S indulging in a bit of falconry from the cockpit of his Sea Harrier at an air display some years ago

Avian Rio hang glider  being carried by its pilot

Tony carries his glider, an older Avian Rio, across the hill top

The streamer on the king post, the red ribbon, indicates a pilot with less than 10 hours air time. Tony has more than that, but he recently returned to hang gliding after several years out.

Hang glider pilot clipped in to his wing prior to launch

Simon clipped in to the Avian Rio 2

Avian Rio 2 hang glider  in flight

Another view of the Rio 2

Avian Rio 2 hang glider  launching

Simon launches the Avian Rio 2

Getting a hang glider through the gate of the top landing field at Ringstead

Rob S, at this time chief pilot with Virgin Atlantic Airways, assists Tony getting his wing through the gate

It is possible to maneuver a hang glider through the gate from the top landing field to the hill-top car parking area on your own, but a helper reduces the risk of damaging the glider. Notice from the streamer on the king post that the wind is across the wing. If the wind gets under the wing and lifts it, it could cause much damage.

Monk’s Down in October

Gary D enjoyed an extended top-to-bottom flight at Monk’s Down, north Dorset, England, shortly before sunset on this clear autumn day. The glider is a Superscorpion 2, made by Hiway of Abergavenny, Wales, in about 1981.

Hang glider pilots assessing conditions at Monk's Down

Gary D and Brian W assess the conditions at Monk’s Down

Brian was the first British hang gliding champion — in a simpler wing — in 1974.

Superscorpion hang glider launching

Gary launches in the Superscorpion

Hang glider in flight

Eking out the lift

Hang glider flying towards the sun

Heading into the sun

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