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Hang gliding 2021

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Hang glider hang check

Hang check

The following photos were taken at Kimmeridge in Dorset, England, in October 2021.

Here, long time sail-maker Roly is on Gary D’s front wires. The mountain-biker in the blue helmet is Arthur from the USA, who has flown paramotors in Utah and was at this time studying at Bournemouth University, just a few miles from Kimmeridge.

The author at Kimmeridge

Me. Photo by Gary.

Gary D. at Kimmeridge

Gary in ridge lift

Gary D. in an Airborne (Australia) Fun 190

Gary D. in an Airborne (Australia) Fun 190

Roly the sailmaker launches at Kimmeridge

Roly launches for his first flight in a hang glider for 22 years

Roly the sailmaker flying at Kimmeridge

Roly at home in the air

Hang glider pilots taking a break on a bench

Gary and I take a break on a bench commemorating two air crashes on this end of the hill, which is called Kingston. Photo by Roly.

We finished the day with fish and chips in Swanage, passing a red sunset lit Corfe Castle on the way.

Swanage, Dorset, England, at dusk

Swanage at dusk

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