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Hang gliding 2015 onward

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Richard's ATOS aloft

Richard’s ATOS aloft

The design of rigid hang gliders, which use aerodynamic controls (ailerons or spoilers) for roll control rather than weight shift, continued to advance. Compare the ATOS with the Apex, a similar rigid hang glider more than 20 years earlier, in Hang gliding 1994 and 1995.

Wills Wing U-2 posing at Monk's Down

My Wills Wing U-2 posing at Monk’s Down, north Dorset, England

In-flight hang glider photo

At Monk’s Down, north Dorset, in my U-2 in June 2015

WW 175 S2 turning final  at Monk's Down

Wills Wing 175 Sport 2 turning final at Monk’s Down

This is not as dire as it looks. He made a good landing. The Sport 2 is similar to the U-2, but it is lighter to carry, quicker to rig, and has easier handling characteristics. However, its glide angle and sink rate when flying fast are not as good.

Everard at Bell Hill 2016-07-05

Three-sixty at Bell Hill, north Dorset, in July 2016

British champion Grant C flying a Wills Wing 145 U-2 at Ringstead in Dorset, England

British champion Grant C. trying out my wing in August, 2016

This photo of Grant flying my wing made the cover of the November/December 2017 Hang Gliding & Paragliding. For more info about it, see Hazards of the cloud in My flying 2016 part 3.

2017 hang gliding calendar cover photo by Everard Cunion

2017 hang gliding calendar cover photo over north Dorset in the summer of 2016

Hang gliding at Ringstead

Over the beach at Ringstead, Dorset, in August 2017

Notice the shadow of the camera and its stalk on the under-surface of the sail.

Hang glider and paraglider in flight at Ringstead

In-formation superhighway, September 2017

Rio 2

Avian Rio 2 hang glider  in flight

Simon M in his Avian Rio 2

The Avian Rio 2 is a British-made glider of light weight and it combines good performance with nimble handling. Its pedigree goes back to the Aerial Arts Clubman, a beginner glider of the early 1980s made in Sussex. (See my page Southdown Sailwings, Vulturelite, and Aerial Arts of Sussex, England.) Avian hang gliders took over its production and a they developed a more modern and refined design, the Elan. They then created a range of flex-wing hang gliders that catered for beginners and experts. Avian is, as of this writing in 2020, the only hang glider manufacturer in Britain.

Hang glider struggling to find lift at Ringstead in Dorset, England

Voytek struggling to find lift in his Icaro Laminar at Ringstead on the coast of Dorset in 2018

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