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Hang gliders: Aeros Discus 148 and Airborne 154 Sting 3
Harnesses: Solar Wings Edge 2 and Aeros Myth 2
In-flight camera: Ricoh FF-9 compact 35mm film

Camera test

Extensive farmland and patches of forest between the hill and the sea…

The photos of my black and white Airborne Sting 3, taken on a light sea breeze day at Kimmeridge in June 2010, are of poor quality. I include them because hang gliding is a rare occurrence at this once popular site. Indeed, access and parking is so problematic there that, by 2015, it is not used much even by paragliders. (Ringstead serves the same wind direction — south west — and it has a public car park on the top of the hill.)

Photo of a 1970s rigid hang glider in flight

Rob Stokes flies the Icarus V rigid hang glider in 1975. Photo by Dave Lewis.

Kimmeridge is a semi-coastal site that combines sea breeze effects with thermals from the extensive farmland and patches of forest between the hill and the sea. Most of my paragliding training, in 2000, was carried out there.

The club site guide is essential reading, especially if you fly a hang glider there.

Note: The photo of Rob Stokes flying the Icarus V rigid hang glider in 1975 might be at Knitson rather than Kimmeridge. Although the two ridge tops look alike from this angle, Knitson should not be confused with the Kingston end of Kimmeridge!

Roly launching a Birdman Cherokee hang glider at Kimmeridge in Dorset, England

Roly launching from Kimmeridge in a Birdman Cherokee

This photo of Roly launching from Kimmeridge in the late 1970s is scanned from a faded print. Incidentally, although it might look as though he used the flat-rigged hang glider as a launch trampoline, I am sure that is an optical illusion!

Hang glider in-flight photo

Here, I am setting up for a landing near the mansion below Kimmeridge.

This photo was in August, 2005. The wing is my high-performance Aeros Discus 148.

Hang glider in-flight photo

Nearing the west end of the ridge

See Hang gliding 2010 for details of my camera at this time, including how it was attached to the glider.

Hang glider in-flight photo

Solar reflection

Notice the people walking along the path behind the stone wall. At this height in a paraglider, you can wave and even say a few words to them. In a hang glider, you are worrying about staying high enough to reach a landing field if you encounter sinking air.

Hang glider in-flight photo

At the south end of the ridge

In the photo taken near the south end of the ridge (the Kingston end) the ridge on the right is at a right-angle to the main ridge, which runs parallel to the fence and style just visible at lower left.

Hang glider at Kimmeridge, Dorset, England

Gary D in a Clubman

The Clubman, an easy-handling double surface wing, was originally made by Southdown Sailwings, but production was taken over by Avian.