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Hang gliding 1977

The contents of this page have been moved to Hang gliding 1977 in Hang gliding history.

6 Responses to Hang gliding 1977

  1. Jan Johnson says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the driver article in the hang gliding magazine, it has a picture of a person in a jeep with a small article. Think it was in the 80’s am not for sure. It is about their drivers that go and pick them up. I would love for someone to email me a copy of it. Thanks a lot

  2. Susan Delora says:

    I’m looking for an old friend named Don Murray that was the editor of hang gliding magazine back in 1970s and was also the editor for Skateboard Magazine. Thank you

    • I do not recall a Don Murray, but I have not searched my Hang Gliding collection in detail for the early editors. Gil Dodgen took over from Rich Grigsby as editor from the January 1978 edition. It might be worth putting a request for info on the hang gliding forum HangGliding.org.

      • I just figured it out. Don Murray was editor of the independent Hang Glider magazine, not the USHGA magazine Hang Gliding. (At that time the USHGA mag was still titled Ground Skimmer.) Hang Glider mag was largely an outlet for Leroy Grannis’ amazing colour photos, while Ground Skimmer was just black and white (and printed on fairly rough paper).

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