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Miscellaneous photos, home 3

This page follows Miscellaneous photos, home 2.

Flowers in March 2021

Flowers in March 2021

Pink flower in March 2021

This crop, which retains the resolution of the original photo (in JPG format) demonstrates the capability of the little Fuji X100F.

White cat

White cat, April 2021

Dead tree next door

Dead tree next door

Sunlight filtered through the branches and leaves of this tree used to wake me up on summer mornings, along with birds flapping and squawking. No longer.

Sawing down a dead tree


Sawing down a dead tree


Vacancy where a dead tree is sawn down

Tree… gone!

Sunset moon

Sunset moon in December 2021

This topic continues in On the hill part 1: South and central.

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