Miscellaneous photos, the 1960s

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Miscellaneous photos, the 1960s

This page follows Miscellaneous photos 2 (in the general arrangement of this web site) and Before I was born in Miscellaneous photos (in that both are about about my late father). As yet, it contains only a handful of digitized slide transparencies taken by my father in 1963.

Cecil Cunion in Europe, 1963

Selfie in Europe

Polesden Lacey near Guildford, Surrey, 1963

Polesden Lacey near Dorking, Surrey

Red Lion on Charles Street with the Hilton hotel under construction 1963

Red Lion on Charles Street with the Hilton hotel under construction

Tillingbourne near Guildford, Surrey, 1963

Tillingbourne near Guildford, Surrey

Dawn across north London in 1963

London awakens

This view from our back window in north London was before the Post Office (Telecom) tower was built. Boeing 707s flew overhead. The street light is on Leighton Road, which connected our street to Kentish Town. You might be able to discern the four chimneys of Battersea power station on the horizon to the left of the church tower.


This topic continues in Christchurch: Bargates.

Scenery in Miscellaneous photos

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