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Airplane art

Parachuting drawting highlited with Tippex (or Snopaque) about 1979

Drawting highlited with Tippex (or Snopaque)

I drew this after my first jumps at Shobdon, Herefordshire, England, in 1979. See Parachuting in Miscellaneous photos.

Drawing of an F-80 in the war in Korea

F-80 in Korea

Drawing of Hawker Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain, summer 1940

Hawker Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain, summer 1940

I drew the Hurricanes in 1990, when I worked in Langley, near Slough in Berkshire, England. Hurricanes (and later Typhoons and Tempests) were built at the Hawker factory in Langley. I saw no trace of it in my time there.

Drawing of a Tu-16 of the cold war

Tu-16 of the cold war

Painting of a Armstrong Whitworth Sea Hawk

Armstrong Whitworth Seahawk navy fighter of the 1950s

For my 1/48th scale model Seahawk (finished in 2019) see Dieselpunk days in Other plastic model aircraft.

Painting of a futuristic passenger space shuttle

Futuristic passenger space shuttle

Painting of two one-person powerboats

OK, not airplanes, but near enough…

Painting of Stingray pursued by a mechanical fish

Stingray pursued by a mechanical fish

Stingray (and the mechanical fishes) were in a puppet-based 1960s sci-fi series on UK television by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Although technically a submarine, Stingray has the appearance and layout of a light aircraft.

Painting of an Imperial Airways airliner of the 1930s (painted about 1977)

Imperial wizard

I made the mistake of showing the propeller blades as they often appear in photographs. However, the eyes do not see the blades at the normal speed of rotation of a propeller.

Drawing of flex-wing airliner

Drawing published in the BMAA monthly ‘Flight Line’, March-April 1982

I figured that this 1982 design for a canard flex-wing airliner with a ducted fan propeller would take six passengers at 60 mph on short trips. I wrote that, ‘Weight-shift is by servos operating at the pylon hinge for pitch control and working on the side rigging for roll control.’

Other than my later photos taken at Newton Peverill, Dorset, this was my sole contribution to the world of powered ultralights!

Northrop YF-17s painting about 1977

The Northrop YF-17 did not go into production, but it was developed into the F/A-18 Hornet.

Miracle over Wisconsin

Miracle over Wisconsin

In 2020 I took up painting again — old hang gliders — but in 2022 I painted this impression of a 2013 skydiving accident in which all the participants survived.

See Miracle over Wisconsin for more about it.


Hang gliding drawings

Charcoal drawings, Holloway College, about 1937 (by my mother)

My 1970s bike designs

Painted history of hang glider design part 1

Powered flight

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