Fame by (virtual) association

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Fame by (virtual) association

British actress Lesley Manville’s Wiki entry states, “After turning down teacher Arlene Phillips’s invitation to join her new dance troupe Hot Gossip…” Now, here’s a figurative handshake chain to me: Hot Gossip’s Sarah Brightman (her single, “I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper” was a big hit in Britain) is involved with Virgin Galactic and was at the roll-out of SpaceShipTwo, which long-time hang glider pilot Mark Stucky attended, being one of its test pilots (and now chief test pilot and, from December 2018, officially an astronaut). Some years ago Mark and I corresponded about hang glider technicalities, initially by post (snail mail) and then by e-mail.

Photo: MarsScientific.com/Virgin Galactic

Photo: MarsScientific.com/Virgin Galactic

In August 1975 I met brothers Bob and Chris Wills, then current and previous year’s US hang gliding champions (respectively) when they came to Britain together with their parents, Maralys (the author) and Robert V. Wills (the outspoken lawyer). They are the family that founded Wills Wing, the world’s largest and longest established hang glider manufacturer.

Talulah Riley (Wikipedia image)

Thirty-five years later I obtained a life-size doll who I named Annabelle after the character in the 2007 movie St. Trinian’s, in which she was played by Talulah Riley. (However, there is no particular resemblance between Talulah and my Annabelle.) Talulah Riley was married to Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, principal rival of Virgin Galactic.

Annabelle Knighthorse in 2016

My Annabelle

Maralys Wills wrote the following about her landscape architect granddaughter Jamie, who carried out some work for Elon Musk:

…Jamie told us, “You can’t move from one room in Musk’s house to another without identifying yourself on each door with your fingerprints.”

I said, “Really?” and Rob said, “That would make it pretty slow going.”

Jamie grinned. “Everything about him is kind of mysterious.”

— quoted from It’s a Duck. And it’s Dead. A Trail of Adventure through Six Generations by Maralys Wills (2018)

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