This web site consists of photos and text about brave men and beautiful women, and it even includes some info about me. It covers hang gliding, mainly in the part of England where I live, life-size dolls, philosophy (the nature of consciousness), book and film reviews, and plastic model kits.

Main subjects

Example images

Hang glider in-flight photo

Hang gliding in 2016

Life-size doll posing on quay-side with artificial hippo in water

Faina and her pet hippo in Life-size dolls

Phantom over Vietnam by John Trotti, 1984

Phantom over Vietnam by John Trotti, 1984, in Book reviews

Not all the women in New Captain Scarlet are pilots. This is Miss Winters in episode 13.

Miss Winters in episode 13 of New Captain Scarlet, in Anime and CGI reviews

Robert Redford as Halsy Knox

Robert Redford in ‘Little Fauss and Big Halsy,’ 1970, in Movie reviews and overviews

Boat moored on the river Avon in 1988

Boat moored on the river Avon in 1988, in Miscellaneous > Miscellaneous photos

Scale model rocket, base, and tower

Glencoe Models 1/76th scale Vanguard research rocket, in Plastic models

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